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Around the House

From the inside to the outside of your home, we offer a variety of services to help alleviate tasks that take up your free time!

Suburb Houses
Available Services
  • Full-Service Laundry: Tackling all of your laundry - washing, drying, folding, and putting away.
  • Devices & Filters: Checking (and replacing if needed) the batteries in your smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors, filters in your furnace & fridge, and changing light bulbs.
  • "Wait"  Services: We will be present at your home for contractors, installations, and deliveries when you can't be there.
  • Seasonal Decorating: Help you get prepped for each of the upcoming seasons.
  • "On Vacation" Package: Enjoy your vacation while we take care of things at home! 
    • Mail & Packages brought inside

    • Trash & Recycling brought to the curb and back in

    • Water Plants

    • Put away delivered groceries

    • Linen changeout

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