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How much is your time worth?

Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships are ideal for clients with ongoing, consistent, and reoccurring service needs. Clients benefit from consistent scheduling and lowest-rate pricing. 

Memberships options:
Tier 1: 6-9 Hours/Month
Tier 2: 10+ Hours/Month

Starting at $55.00/Hour

Hourly Packages

Hourly packages are perfect for smaller decluttering and organization projects, as-needed errand services, gift certificates for a new mom, or as a Christmas gift.

Package options:
Tier 1: 10 Hours
Tier 2: 20 Hours
Starting at $600/Package

By the Hour

When you have a time-sensitive need but aren't sure how many hours it will take, the By the Hour option is perfect!

Our clients love this option for when they have a large decluttering or organization project, need relocation assistance such as packing or unpacking, or need something picked up and/or delivered.

Starting at $65.00/Hour

* Gift Certificates available

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