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Terms & Conditions

At Twin Cities Taskers, we believe that communication and transparency go hand in hand with trust and confidence in our services. The Client Service Agreement outlines our terms and conditions. 

Service Provider Contact Information


Business Hours

  • Standard operating hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

  • Services requested to be performed outside of standard operating hours may be available and will have increased pricing.

Service Hour Terms

Service Hours Guidelines

  • Unless discussed and agreed upon before the service date, services are performed by one Service Provider staff.

    • If more than one staff is needed for a service, pricing will be adjusted and reflected on the client's Invoice.

  • The service time frame on a given day will be determined and agreed upon between the Client and Service Provider.

  • Hourly rates are charged in 60-minute intervals and start at the arrival of the Client's requested location.


Unused Hours and Extra Hours needed

  • Service hours paid for in full but not used in their entirety with the original service request will have the remaining available hours for 12 months from the purchase date to be scheduled by the Client.

  • When using remaining service hours, if the requested service takes more time than the hours paid for, the Client will be billed and pay the Service Provider within two days of service. 


Payment Terms:

  • The pricing listed reflects the discounted price for payments made with the following:

  • Cash at the time of service or

  • Venmo (bank transfers, not credit or debit card) AND when the Service Provider does not incur a fee (listed below)

  • Fees are incurred to the Service Provider when the Client pays in one of the following ways and/or one or more of the following occurs at the time of payment submission:

  • Venmo payments made with “Turn on for Purchases” selected

  • Any credit or debit card payments


Billing Terms:

Cash Payments

  • Payments will be paid at the time of service from the Client to the Service Provider.

  • The Service Provider does not carry cash on hand, and all cash payments must be exact.

Venmo Payments

  • Payments will be requested from the Service Provider to the Client and must be paid no later than 48 hours before the service date.


  • Clients are allowed 15 miles of travel per day following arrival at first location and are billed at $0.75/mile after that. 

  • Any additional fees, including but not limited to parking, will be billed separately with the customary applicable fees if the Client has issued no alternative means of payment.

  • If travel time is needed between client-requested services, travel time is included in service hours.

  • Service time ends when the Service provider departs the final location. 



Payment Fee:

  • Credit or debit card payments will incur a 3% fee

  • The incurred fee Venmo payments made with “Turn on for Purchases” 


Mileage Fee

  • A mileage fee of $.60/mile will be added on for any starting service located outside of a 20-mile radius of Woodbury, Minnesota, or Forest Lake, Minnesota.


Cancellation Fee (per occurrence)

  • If there are less than 24 hours of notice for canceled service, the Client will incur a $50 fee/service.

  • Cancellations without notice will be held liable for the entirety of the estimated time to complete the scheduled service as determined by the Service Provider.


Same-day requests (per occurrence)

  • If the Service Provider is available, the Service Provider may accept same-day requests with additional fees:

    • Less than 24 hours notice, but not immediate need – additional $20/hour

    • Immediate need request  - $80/hour


Convenience Fee $150 (per occurrence)

  • Standard Operating Hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Services requested and accepted by the Service Provider for execution between the hours of 8:00 pm and 6:00 am will have the convenience fee applied and must be paid for in advance of the service starting.

Processing Fee – 10%

  • There will be a fee incurred to the Client for any immediate purchase made by the Service Provider funds on behalf of the Client. The fee is to be paid within 24 hours.



  • Any expenses incurred by the Service Provider on behalf of the Client are not included in any fees and will be the Client's responsibility.

  • Purchases made with Service Provider funds on behalf of the Client will require reimbursement within 24 hours from the Client.

  • The Client must:

    • Provide the Service Provider with a credit card, petty cash, or a reloadable debit card ahead of known purchase to avoid any expense fees OR

    • Make the Service Provider owner’s Nikki Syring and/or Angie Pearson authorized user(s) on their credit card for purchases on their behalf.


  • Any unused hours at service termination will be forfeited.



  • The Service Provider may utilize photography and/or video that was taken to document their work on social media or for other marketing purposes. 

    • The Service Provider will always protect the Client’s privacy, including, but not limited to, blurring photos that contain identifying objects, surrounding areas, and/or addresses.

  • There will be no compensation to the Client for Social Media and/or Marketing content utilized by Service Provider. 




  • The Service Provider will not perform any illegal work on the Client's behalf or put the Service Provider in unreasonable danger.

  • The Service Provider may accommodate requests for services “after hours” (8:00 pm and 6:00 am) and may have another Tasker accompany them in these instances.

    • Should this occur, the Client will be billed accordingly for both Taskers time and the associated fee.



  • The Service Provider agrees to provide the services discussed and agreed upon with the Client in a reliable and trustworthy manner.

  • The Service Provider will not be liable for any damages from a third party if the third party:

    1. Damages the Client's items

      • Examples include, but are not limited to, dry cleaners damaging clothing or a plumber damaging a wall while at the Client's home to repair a leaky pipe.

    2. Is negligent in any way

      • Examples include, but are not limited to, food poisoning from lunch deliveries or a lost pet from a broken fence.

    3. Has access to the Client's home while the Client is away and Twin Cities Taskers is not there



Third-Party Vendors

  • The Service Provider may contract third-party vendors to perform services on the Client's behalf that are requested but cannot be performed by the Service Provider.

  • The Service Provider will use their best efforts to obtain qualified vendors but cannot guarantee the quality of services provided by others.

  • The Service Provider will not be responsible for any damage caused by third-party vendors. 

  • The Client agrees to accept liability for all contracts signed for and/or agreed to by the Service Provider on behalf of the Client. 

  • The Service Provider is not responsible for third-party appointments that do not start or end at the previously agreed upon time (if the third party arrives later than the time specified, the Service Provider is not held liable and will be compensated for their time) 

  • The Service Provider is not responsible for any damages caused by a pet or child of the Client. 

  • The Client agrees to authorize the Service Provider to handle any emergencies that may arise while providing service, and if the Client cannot be contacted in these instances, the Client authorizes the Service Provider to use their best judgment and to be available at the hourly rate to oversee the circumstances. 



  • The Client's personal information, including name, phone number, and address, is confidential and private.

  • The Service Provider agrees to respect the Client's right to confidentiality and privacy, preserve the confidentiality of all Client information, and not divulge this information in any form except where authorized by the Client or required by law.

  • The Service Provider agrees to access the Client's personal and/or business information only as permitted in the performance of the Service Provider's duties or as otherwise directed by the Client.

  • The Service Provider will not, at any time, sell or exchange Client information with outside sources.

  • The Service Provider agrees to hold in the strictest confidence and not to disclose, reveal or imply any confidential information that the Provider may acquire without the Client's written consent.

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